HCG Diet Program Information

What is HCG?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by the Placenta of pregnant women. HCG is a primitive hormone that supports pregnancy and gives the growing baby access to the mothers’ fat stores as a food source. Nowadays most women have access to three meals a day but not long ago on our evolutionary path we were lucky to eat daily. HCG therefore ensured the survival of the species giving the baby a food source regardless of the mothers’ food intake. This is still evident in countries suffering from food shortage; healthy babies are born to near starving mothers.

This diet program is safe for men and women

How does HCG work?

It is thought that HCG works on part of our brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls our ability to use fat stores as energy and also controls our appetite and weight. Some evidence suggests that HCG also works on the fat cells themselves.

The program

The program begins with a visit to one of our HCG experienced Doctors and our Practice Nurse. The consultation with our Practice Nurse is to get base line measurements, height, weight, ideal BMI goals etc. The doctor then runs through the program with you in detail. They will explain the three phases of the HCG program and offer counseling.

The initial HCG consult is not bulk billed – this is a private service.

Please ask our Receptionist for cost details.

When making the appointment please notify reception that the appointment is for the HCG program so they can allocate a longer consultation.

If you require any further support through the program you are encouraged to make an appointment that will be “bulk billed”  with your doctor.

These appointments are to be made at your discretion, not compulsory.

This diet is supported by the doctors at Keperra Medical Centre to promote long term positive health outcomes and reduce weight induced chronic diseases.

Doctors, staff and many patients from Keperra Medical Centre have completed the program and have had positive, long term weight loss success.